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Our Calling

We, Sisters of Mercy
of the Parramatta Congregation,
embrace the truth that we are an integral part
of the unfolding universe and the revelation of the Divine.

With deep respect for each other,
we appreciate the richness of our various cultures,
diverse ministries and partnerships.

We wish to respond mercifully
to our suffering earth and its most marginalised peoples,
particularly Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander peoples,
asylum seekers and refugees.

We acknowledge our need
for a spirituality of ageing
to help us prepare for older age
in a healthy and balanced way
and to help us care
for those who are sick and elderly.

We wish to maintain strong links
with all Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Together, by the grace of God,
may we move into the future

'with a passion to breathe mercy in a world which hungers
for justice and peace'.

Tenth General Chapter Statement, 2010

Who we are

In whatever ministry we are engaged, we respond with special service to the poor and disadvantaged, through the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. At this time in our history our service extends to the suffering earth and all its life forms and to the most disadvantaged in our community, especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, asylum seekers and refugees.

Individual Sisters are engaged in

  • Healing ministries of pastoral care, chaplaincy, physiotherapy, community nursing and care of the frail aged
  • Advocacy for asylum seekers and refugees,
  • Education, awareness raising and formation

Our sponsored works include

  • Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta: educating girls in the Mercy tradition since 1889
  • Mamre: A 'place of promise' for disadvantaged people in western Sydney
  • St Michaels Family Centre: providing support and accommodation for homeless women and their children
  • Stella Maris Aged Care Facility: giving quality care to its residents in a homely and warm atmosphere
  • Marymount Mercy Centre sponsoring the New Life personal and spiritual renewal programs, a Conference Centre, and a Retreat location.
  • Partnership with The House of Welcome in providing accommodation for asylum seekers.

Our History

In 1888 Cardinal Moran invited Sisters of Mercy from Callan, Ireland to set up a foundation in Parramatta. M Clare Dunphy was the leader of a group of nine sisters who responded. The Sisters embraced their mission whole heartedly especially to the poor, sick, and marginalised.

The foundation Sisters' keenness for mission is reflected in their chronicle which records the first 3 days in Parramatta thus:

  • December 8, 1888: Dr O'Haran celebrated the first Mass and blessed the Convent under the invocation of the Immaculate Conception.
  • December 9: a few children for Catechism, then visitation to the Old Men's Infirmary.
  • December 10: Opened St Patrick's Primary school with 59 children.

In a letter to Callan, Cardinal Moran, while acknowledging that teaching would be the most necessary work for the present, wrote that the Sisters who were coming 'need not be alarmed lest they would not have enough to do'. How true were his words!

Contact Information

Catherine Ryan rsm
Congregation Centre
PO Box 2012
North Parramatta NSW 1750

Phone:     (02) 9683 2555
Fax:         (02) 9683 6550

Leadership Team

Catherine Ryan RSM:     Congregation Leader
Mary-Louise Petro RSM:     Councillor
Catherine Harris RSM:     Councillor
Margaret Jones RSM:     Councillor
Maria Lawton RSM:     Councillor

Our Ministries

The Mercy ministries are easily accessible on the web via the links below.

Marymount Mercy Centre -

Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta -

St Michael's Family Centre -